FAOPMA Pest Summit 2020
Each registrant will receive:
- Attendance to all talks and exhibitor booths during the days of the conference.
- The ability to watch all presentations for up to 1 year after the event.
- A certificate of attendance
- Souvenir Guide that includes the Program, Abstracts and Speaker profiles. Exhibitor information, etc.

FAOPMA Pest Summit 2020
Virtual Conference

DATE & TIME: NOV 18-19, 2020

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Learn how to protect your company’s future and rise above your competitors. Attend the two-day FAOPMA-Pest Summit Virtual Conference 2020.

The pest management industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and faces difficult times ahead. Disease cases are spiraling upwards and the world economy is facing the greatest downturn in living history. The theme will focus on how your company can survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A two-day power packed virtual conference to safeguard the pest management industry through an uncertain world.

day 1 (wed, 18/nov/2020) GMT +8

9:15 AM
Conference link is OPEN (for audio checks, etc.)
9:30-9:40 AM
Opening Address by the Conference Chair Speaker: Josefina Dueñas, Chairperson FAOPMA-Pest Summit, Virtual Conference 2020, Philippines
9:40-9:50 AM
Welcome Remarks: FAOPMA President Speaker: Vasili Tsoutouras, President FAOPMA, Australia
9:50-10:00 AM
MC: What to Expect for the Conference; intro of Speaker/s & VIRTUAL EXHIBIT BOOTHS OPEN (10:00 to 5:00 PM)
Session Chairperson Speaker: Hector Binwek, Co-chair Organizing Committee
10:00-10:20 AM
Topic 1: The future of COVID-19 from a clinical perspective Speaker: Prof. Dominic Dwyer, Medical Virologist, NSW Health Pathology, Australia
10:20-10:50 AM
Topic 2: Global economic consequences of COVID-19 Speaker: Pascal Cai, Wells Fargo Bank, USA
10:50-11:20 AM
Topic 3: Impacts of COVID-19 on the Philippines Speaker: Jan Mikael David, Marketing Communications Director, Globe, Philippines
11:20-11:35 AM
11:35-12:15 PM
Topic 4 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: The global impacts of COVID-19 on urban pests Speaker: Prof. Chow-Yang Lee, University of California, Riverside, USA
12:15-12:45 PM
Topic 5: How COVID-19 control can be used as a model for pest management Speaker: Dr. Stephen Doggett, Director, Medical Entomology, NSW Health Pathology, Australia
12:45-1:15 PM
Topic 6: COVID-19 challenges to business, a perspective from an international pest management company Speaker: Dr. David Lilly, Lead Entomologist, Ecolab, Australia
1:15-2:00 PM
LUNCH BREAK & Virtual Booth Session
Session Chairperson Speaker: Mr. Taro Kanazawa, Vice President, FAOPMA, Japan
2:00-2:30 PM
Topic 7: Remote management operations during COVID-19 Speaker: Vasili Tsoutouras, President FAOPMA, Australia
2:30-3:00 PM
Topic 8: Remote learning during COVID-19 Speaker: Edwin Lim, Syngenta
3:00-3:30 PM
Topic 9: Marketing in the time of COVID-19 Speaker: Viren Merchant, Director, PCAMB, India
3:30-3:40 PM
Session Chairperson Speaker: Raju Parulkar, Honorary Treasurer, FAOPMA
3:45-4:15 PM
Topic 10: Protecting our mental health during COVID-19 Speaker: Lourdes Fabia
4:15-4:45 PM
Topic 11: The Role PCO Played in the Fight Against COVID-19 in Wuhan, China Speaker: Fu Youcai
4:45-5:00 PM
Sponsor talk: MakeSafe Australia Speaker: Gary McMahon
5:00-5:15 PM
Sponsor talk: Green Agro Science TBC
5:15-5:30 PM
Sponsor talk: Bentzjaz TBC
5:15-5:30 PM
Closing Announcements for DAY 1
*Virtual Booths Open until 5:00 PM

day 2 (thurs, 19/nov/2020) GMT +8

9:00 AM
Conference Main Plenary Hall OPEN (for audio checks, etc.)
9:25-9:30 AM
MC: What to expect for the day; Virtual Exhibition Hall and Open Networking Coffee Rooms will Open 9 to 5 PM Speaker: Host
Session Chairperson Speaker: Dr. Partho Dhang
9:30-10:00 AM
Topic 12: Surviving COVID-19; Insights from a Successful Company Who Sailed Through the GFC Speaker: Mr. SuChart Lee, President-Elect, FAOPMA, Thailand
10:00-10:30 AM
Topic 13: Competitive Strategies for Small Pest Control Companies, Now and Amid COVID-19 Speaker: Mr. Taro Kanazawa, Vice President, FAOPMA, Japan
10:30-11:00 AM
Topic 14: Professionalism in a COVID World; Protecting Employees and Customer Retention Speaker: Ms. Regine Lim, General Manager, Entopest Environmental Services, Malaysia
11:00-11:15 AM
Session Chairperson Speaker: Josefina Duenas, Co-chair Organizing Committee
11:15-11:35 AM
Topic 15: Monitoring for Stored Product Pests During COVID-19 Speaker: Dr. Rikiya Sasaki, Senior Manager R&D, Fuji Flavor, Japan
11:35-11:55 AM
Topic 16: Remote Monitoring for Rodents During COVID-19 Speaker: Deanne Baptista, Director, Ratsense, Singapore
11:55-12:15 PM
Topic 17: Remote monitoring for flies during COVID-19 Speaker: Junichiro Katayama, President, Semco Co, Ltd., Japan
12:15-1:00 PM
LUNCH BREAK & Virtual Booth Session
Session Chairperson Speaker: Dr. Raymond Lee, Honorary Secretary, FAOPMA, Malaysia
1:00-1:30 PM
Topic 18: Selection of Disinfectants - Key Considerations Speaker: Ujjwal Kumar, Business Head (fumigants), UPL, India
1:30-2:00 PM
Topic 19: COVID-19 Infection Control Procedures; Disinfection Protocols Speaker: Raju Parulkar, Honorary Treasurer, FAOPMA
2:00-2:15 PM
2:15-2:20 PM
Introduction to the session by the Chair Speaker: Dr. Stephen Doggett, Chief Editor, FAOPMA Magazine
2:20-2:25 PM
1. Australia
2:25-2:30 PM
2. China
2:30-2:35 PM
3. Japan
2:35-2:40 PM
4. India
2:40-2:45 PM
5. Indonesia
2:45-2:50 PM
6. Korea
2:50-2:55 PM
7. Malaysia
2:55-3:00 PM
8. Pakistan
3:00-3:05 PM
9. Philippines
3:05-3:10 PM
10. Singapore
3:10-3:15 PM
11. Sri Lanka
3:15-3:20 PM
12. Taiwan
3:20-3:25 PM
13. Thailand
3:25-3:40 PM
Topic 20b: The impact of COVID-19 on the industry: A Multi-national Survey Speaker: Dr Raymond Lee, Honorary Secretary, FAOPMA, Malaysia
3:40-3:55 PM
3:55-4:30 PM
2 Day Event Highlights - Video Production Speaker: Josefina Duenas, Chairperson FAOPMA-Pest Summit, Virtual Conference 2020, Philippines
Upcoming FAOPMA meetings Speaker: Ms. Josefina Duenas & Mr Taro Kanazawa
Closing Speech by FAOPMA President Speaker: Vasili Tsoutouras
*Program subject to change without notice


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