FAOPMA Pest Manager of the Year 2024

FAOPMA Pest Manager of the Year Award (2024)


The Asian and Oceanic professional pest management industry is undergoing fundamental changes due to regulatory, consumer, and technology influences. Professionalism in business and adherence to quality standards are areas that the pest manager of today needs to embrace to ensure success in the future.

Pest Manager of the Year Award is run by FAOPMA and sponsored by BASF to promote the wider pest management industry.


  • Promote the professionalism of the pest management industry to the public and other stakeholders.
  • Highlight the professional pest management industry to the public.
  • Grow the professional pest management industry.
  • Encourage learning and increased professionalism in the pest management industry.


The pest management industry benefits from such an Award scheme through: 

  • Promotion of raised industry standards and excellence via public recognition of finalists and the winner.
  • Increasing grassroots industry support for professionalism and acceptance of the need for ongoing improvement through training and continuing professional development.
  • Providing an opportunity for stakeholder organisations to demonstrate leadership and their support for industry excellence publicly.


To be eligible for the award, an applicant must satisfy all of the following criteria.

  1. A licensed and practicing pest management business in the Asian and/or Oceanic region. 
  2. Able to attend FAOPMA-Pest Summit 2024 India (Mumbai) in person to receive the award.

Current FAOPMA EXCO Members are not eligible for the award if they are an owner, director, or part of the senior branch management team. 

Nomination and Application Process

Nominations can come from any company within the urban and commercial pest management industry in Asia and Oceanic Region.

Selection Criteria

The Pest Manager of the Year Award seeks to recognise the achievements of an individual business demonstrating professionalism within Asia and Oceanic urban and commercial pest management industry. Applicants will be judged by their excellence in the following criteria:

  • Know-how – demonstrating a commitment to continual updating of knowledge and skills;
  • Professional image – how the business has sought to improve the professional reputation of themselves, their company, and/or the industry within the community;
  • Customer relationships – the building of relationships with customers to understand and respond to their requirements;
  • Innovation – taking responsibility for improving their performance and/or development of reduced risk pest management systems.

Applications must include:

Completed application form and supporting documentation – submitted via email to info@faopma.com – see below in “Submission of Entries.”

Submission of Entries

Entry forms should be completed by COB 1st July 2024 to the FAOPMA Administration via email info@faopma.com


1st June 2024 – Nominations Open

1st July 2024 – Nominations Close

July 2024 – Judging

Winner Announced at Gala Dinner of Pest Summit 2024 India (Mumbai)


The judging panel will consist of three members – FAOPMA President, one FAOPMA EXCO member in charge of the award program, one commercial industry sponsor (from BASF).

Judging will be completed in 2 stages. The first stage will consist of all entries being judged together, with the top 3 companies selected based on their written & website material, and will progress to the second stage of the judging process, which is a virtual meeting interview for the judges to ask set questions to determine the overall winner.

Prizes and Presentation

The winner will be announced at the gala dinner of FAOPMA-Pest Summit 2024 India (Mumbai).

The following prizes also will be presented by the sponsor (BASF), and the winner will give a short speech on the stage.

  • Award Trophy
  • Written & PDF certificate
  • Dedicated FAOPMA Magazine article

*The certificate can be used by the winner as a marketing tool.

Public Relations Program

Industry journals will be encouraged to cover the Pest Manager of the Year Award and to run articles encouraging nominations and applications. A Press Release will also be released detailing all Award winners.

FAOPMA reserves the right to reject any nomination, entrant, or applicant unconditionally and without justification or recourse.

Nomination Form for FAOPMA Pest Manager of the Year Award 2024

Information on FAOPMA Pest Manager of the Year Award 2024

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