Privacy Policy

Collection and Disclosure Statement

FAOPMA understands that Members and non members are concerned that their privacy is protected and that FAOPMA takes adequate steps in the way it collects, retains, uses and discloses information collected.

FAOPMA collects information on Members including names, addresses and company/organisation information. The primary purposes for collecting this information are to:

  • ensure applicants meet the requirement for Membership
  • be able to advise Members of information of interest to them as Members 
  • promote Members as belonging to FAOPMA  

Information available to the public will be via the FAOPMA website and include the Member Profile submitted by the Member and their contact details. Confirmation of Membership and Member contact details will also be made to the public that makes telephone contact with FAOPMA Office.

The FAOPMA office shall be the body responsible for retaining this information and for implementing this policy. The FAOPMA Office shall not make this information available except as noted in "Specific Policies" attached to the Privacy Policy. As a general principle if there is information to be sent to Members then the FAOPMA Office shall arrange for this and not allow Member data to be given to or be used by others.

Members can check their own data is correct by checking it on the "Members Centre" section of the FAOPMA web site ( This is accessed by identification and password and individual Member information is accessible to that Member only. A Member's data can also be checked by arranging to view it at the FAOPMA Office.  

Information collected about non members shall not be retained except as necessary to respond to their enquiries.

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