Membership Registration

Membership is open to all professional pest management industry associations within the specific region, and globally as associate members. Manufacturers, suppliers, industry consultants, trainers and academic institutions or individuals that provide a direct product or service to the professional pest management industry are also encouraged to participate as associate members or sponsors and will enjoy the support and fellowship of the FAOPMA community.

Country Member

From USD 400 per annum.

Applicable to pest management associations within Asia and Oceania region.

Country membership is encouraged to be one pest management association from each country or region and it is the only membership category that possesses voting right at the general meetings. However, more than one Country Member from each country or region may apply for the membership. In such case, the Executive Committee at time of its application has the right to accept or not accept the application, on a basis of whether having the applicant as Country Member is beneficial to FAOPMA and the wider pest management industry.

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Corporate Member

USD 200 per annum.

Applicable to commercial businesses.

There are two subcategories within Corporate Membership based on type of business.

  1. A Pest Control Company
  2. A company providing products or services to the Pest Control Industry


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Affiliate Member

USD 200 per annum.

This membership category would be applicable to government agencies, educational/research institutions, pest management associations from regions outside of Asia or Oceania. Non-pest management industry associations may also apply for this category.

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Individual Member

USD 75 per annum.

Individual Member may be an individual academic or professional member who wishes to support the organisation and the pest control industry.

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