Guidelines for Hosting the Annual FAOPMA Pest Summit Meeting 

The annual FAOPMA-Pest Summit Conference is the largest pest management event within the Asian/Pacific/Indian region.

Being awarded the annual event is a great honour and allows the local Association to showcase their nation, their cultural values, their unique foods, and distinctive local attractions.

Hosting the annual FAOPMA-Pest Summit Conference comes with great responsibilities. It is critical that the core values of FAOPMA are promoted, notably the advancement of the professional pest management industry through the mutual exchange of knowledge, information, and experiences. It is important to note that the Associations that make up the FAOPMA family are responsible for protecting the lives and homes of over four billion people. As a consequence, FAOPMA also wishes to encourage the improvement of key Social and Environmental issues.

Holding a meeting for 2-3,000 delegates poses enormous logistical challenges and few people will have the experience of hosting an event of such a magnitude. In recognition of this, FAOPMA has developed the Guidelines for Hosting the Annual FAOPMA-Pest Summit Meeting. These Guidelines aim to help the host country in the planning, execution, and the reviewing of the annual conference. Some aspects within these guidelines are a requirement of the host Association, however many sections are included simply to provide assistance.

FAOPMA recognises that every nation is unique and the hosting Association will provide their own local ‘spirit’ to their meeting. This is what makes the annual FAOPMA-Pest Summit event the most special pest management conference in the world. These Guidelines will help to ensure that all who attend the annual meeting will have fond memories of the event, and that the meeting will continue to grow in the years ahead.

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